In existence since 2007, Sasquatch Design Society brings you original designs, screen printed products, and custom vinyl decals at affordable prices.  We pride ourself on giving all customers quality service and products because we believe that good service and quality products at an affordable price do exist.


meagan griffith.business manager

favorite cryptid: lizard man of scape ore swamp
while sasquatch will always hold a special place in my heart, it's hard to ignore any creature that is half man, half animal.  residing in south carolina, the lizard man is a fellow southerner as well.

allen sykes.sales manager

favorite cryptid: chupacabra
Perhaps "favorite" is misleading.  I find this cryptid the most intriguing because it has been tormenting my people for decades. 

nick nitsch.designer

favorite cryptid: sasquatch
i'm tall, he's tall, we are brothers of gigantism. to me, the sasquatch has the greatest possibility of being real, and that is awesome. i hope for its sake that we never actually find it. wherever you are big fella, keep it sneaky.